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Julien Michel - Technical Director

Passionate about music, Julien began his music studies in the conservatory where he discovered violin and solfeggio at the age of 8. Later during his teenage years, he boots up his first computer and quickly understands the role this machine will have in music and music production. By combining these two passions, Tortion. is born, first in an effort to produce some personal projects but quickly, due to increasing demands, turns into a production studio for local bands. Today these 20 years of experience are put to the service of the studio’s clients throughout the world.

Michael Borcard - Artistic Director

It is in 1999 that Michael started his work as a composer through different line-ups: rock, metal, jazz, fusion, reggae, electro… Today his name stands behind a dozen albums in almost as many styles.

Since 2010 Michael broadened his skill set by working with pictures. He creates his first soundtracks for films, shorts and even theatre plays for which he also creates the sound design, later leading him to work with video game studios that were instantly thrilled by his creativity.

In a continuous quest for challenge, he participates in Geneva’s (Switzerland) Kino Kabaret to attempt the creation of soundtracks for short films in under 6 hours where he is again successful and praised by the participating directors.



2x Neumann KM184

2x Neumann TLM102 

2x AKG 414 (appairés)

2x AKG C451B ST (appairés)

1x SE Z5600

1x AT4050

2x Shure SM57

1x Shure SM58

1x Shure Beta 91

3x Shure Beta 98 D/S

3x Shure PG48

1x Electrovoice EV660


1x Avalon AD2022

2x AMS Neve 4081 QuadMic Preamp

1x Aphex Aural Exciter

1x TLA Ivory 5020

1x Portico 5042 True Tape FX

1x Portico 5012 Duo Mic Preamp

1x Audient Mico preamp

1x Focusrite Octopre

1x Moogerfooger Lowpass

1x Moogerfooger Ring Modulator

1x Moogerfooger Analog Delay

1x OTO Machines BIM

1x Sommateur Neve 8816

1x Fader Pack Neve 8804


1x Yamaha Clavinova

1x Fender Jazz Bass ’77

1x Fender Jaguar Bass fretless

1x Steinberger Electric Upright

1x Squier Stratocaster

1x Ampli Fender Eighty Five

1x Ampli Mesa Boogie Nomad 55

1x Ampli basse Peavey Deuce VT Series

1x David Eden Road Runner 2x300w

1x Moog Slim Phatty

1x Moog Sub Phatty

1x Teenager Engineering OP-1

1x Twisted Electrons AY3-8912 Desktop Synth

1x OTO Biscuit


Pro Tools HD 3


Lynx Studio Aurora 16-VT AD/DA

Multiple plugins and virtual instruments


Furman PS-Pro II Power Conditioner

4x Lake People G109-P headphone preamp

1x Berhringer four way headphone preamp

4x Beyerdynamic DT770 headphone

4x Audio Technica headphone

4x Radial passive DI



Kitchen & rest room

Abundant natural lighting


Nespresso machine



C-Side Productions, Itsfine Games, Sonia Grimm, Kadebostany, Fondation Bodmer, Festi’Chaux, LaMeduza, Heroes and Vilains, Penfield, Garadh, Black Widows Project, The Green FathersKIF, AKJ, Distrip, Les Serges, Druzhina, Eggs of Gomorrh, Est Ouest, Fiction Réelle, Mala Vida, Nansis, Oyat, SRHV, 76mn

Rattletrap Racing

Format: Video Game
Developer: Itsfine

Music by Michael Borcard

Rattletrap Racing is a celebration of terrible cars in a ridiculous race of destruction. Delivering a unique racing experience, the title gives car enthusiasts and newbies the chuckles with tormenting traps, slapstick smash-ups and mayhem in every track. 

Trois Oiseaux à la Montagne (extract)

Format: Short film
Director: Sébastien Trahan

Music composed by Michael Borcard and produced at Tortion.

This is an extract of Sébastien Trahan's poetic submission to the Kino Kabaret Geneva's (Switzerland) 2016 edition.


Format: Video Game
Developer: Itsfine

Music and sound design by Michael Borcard

Split is a beautifully minimalist puzzle game where you divide yourself to explore, solve and create. In Split, you take control of a cube, which has the ability to break up and split into smaller cubes. Using whatever cubes you have at your disposal, you must try to solve puzzles to reach the door.

Kino Kabaret Trailer

Format: Teaser
Developer: Itsfine

Music and sound design by Michael Borcard

Kino is an open worldwide network of both amateur and professional filmmakers, actresses, camera operators, editors, musicians and all other film enthusiasts.

Le Salon de Basil (extract)

Format: Animation, short film
Director: Manon Raboud

Length: 13'06

Music composed by Michael Borcard

The story takes place in 19th century London in the living room of a mansion. The action takes place behind closed doors between two characters philosophically exchanging around spontaneity, freedom, their limits and constraints.

The characters, Basil Hallward and Lord Henry Wottom, are taken from the Oscar Wilde’s “The Portrait of Dorain Gray”. They represent here a single person talking to himself about his inner tensions, reason, unreason and madness.


Format: Music Video
Director: Penfield
Length: 3'17

Music composed by Michael Borcard and produced in Tortion.

In a world where reaching the top of the pyramid has become a primordial burden, certain people are at a loss when wishing for a simpler way of life. Artists, epicureans and dreamers have to fight to simply remain “anonymous”.



email: info@tortion.ch
tel: +41 79 272 75 56